Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ramping up to Day 1 Without a Car

So the first thing I must mention is that I do in fact have a car but have chosen to not use it for an undetermined amount of time. The goal is to see if I can go green and truly survive without it. If this trial is successful then I will decide to sell my Mazda 3 and use various methods of travel other than a personal vehicle. These travel options will include walking, mass transit, Flex Car, and arranging rides from friends.

As I embark on this challenge tomorrow morning I will be taking the bus route 15 from the stop at 54th St. and El Cajon Blvd. to Georgia St. where my friend and co-worker Greg will pick me up and take me to our office in the UTC area. The one-way bus trip will cost $2.25. The bus will pick me up at 6:38 and Greg will pick me up just before 7:00 and we should arrive at work a little before 7:30. Typically I leave the house a little after 7:00 so this is early for me but I am willing to give up a little to lessen my carbon footprint. Thankfully I have no meetings tomorrow so I dont need to worry about that situation just yet. In these cases my first instinct is to arrange with a few friends at work an agreement in which I can use their car if they are not using it. They would of course receive the mileage reimbursements from our company for said miles. They would also have to have an insurance policy to cover such use. Another option is to see if Flex Car will put a car at or near my place of work. This will have to be ironed out in the near future. I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow and thankfully my doctor is close enough to the office for me to walk.

I am hoping this experiment will go well... I have an enormous conviction to live responsibly and this would be a huge step in that direction as recycling, conserving, and planting trees for a living is just not enough.


Chris said...

Mike that is awesome! I have considered this a number of times and I'm glad to see that someone is testing the waters. I really think the Flex-Car suggestion in our parking lot here in UTC is a very good one. I was originally thinking that our company should have a simple company car that all employees could use during business hours. I have considered taking the Coaster to Sorrento Valley Station from Downtown and then catching a ride with someone who lives in Mira Mesa or trying to see if there's a shuttle service to UTC from the station. Soon enough I will embark as you are doing. Good luck!

Shawna said...

Mike you are an inspiration to us all...thanks for taking this step in the right direction and sharing it with all of us. We should all join in your experiment....however if alot of us (co-worker/friends) join in the effort it would make catching rides to work or borrowing cars at work quite hard...we would all be car-less in SD as well. Oh well, no excuses, you have me thinking!

Thanks for sharing!