Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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It’s been a while since I wrote so here is the update... I am still in car-less mode for the most part. I take the bus everyday to Greg's house and carpool from there. When Greg is out for the day or coming in later I just take the bus the whole way. I’ve become accustomed to the commute taking more than an hour and have enjoyed all my extra time to read and enjoy my music.

Flexcar has not worked out for me yet and it is unlikely to until we have one of their cars at work or at least closer to work. Sometimes my meetings pop up unexpectedly like last week when I had to rush out to Santee to sign a set of plans. I had carpooled that day so I borrowed Reegan's car for the trip. On other days that I have meetings or appointments I drive and offer to drive Greg into work with me so long as he has no appointments. The arrangement seems to be working.

On the weekends I use my car sparingly, usually once for a consolidated round trip of all my errands combined. I might end up driving once more to meet up with friends. I could take the bus but like to have the freedom to stay out past the last bus run, and a cab ride home is more expensive than me driving my car. I feel like I have reached equilibrium for now, making transit and carpooling work for me while I still have a car and use it sparingly. It is my ultimate goal to not need a car at all but that will have to wait until Flexcar can support my needs. I will be engaging the owners of my company and Flexcar in the near future so that we can explore our options, but until then I am pretty pleased with the changes I have made.

One item of interest was noted this morning. Our bus had a flat screen TV mounted near the front and was playing what looked like a national news and weather program. This, in addition to my book and ipod, proved a pleasant distraction from sometimes less than inspiring scenery both on and off the bus. I hope they plan to install these on more buses in the near future. We will see…

Stay tuned and keep it green.

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Keep it in Colma.